American Airlines bus service from Philadelphia expands routes

Air travel is weird this year. Flight prices are at record highs, cancellations are happening left and right, and COVID mask policy is in a tug of war between federal law and CDC guidelines. Some of the switches, however, are more mundane, such as connecting flights turning into connecting bus rides.

American Airlines initially announced it would use buses for some short domestic flights in April, with two routes departing from Philadelphia to Atlantic City and Lehigh Valley Airport. Now, The Points Guy is reporting that the airline is adding a third route from the airport to Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

The first two announced trips will start on June 2, while the trip between Philadelphia and Lancaster will start on August 16. Traveling on the buses, operated by the provider Landline, looks little different from traditional flight transfers. The check-in process will remain the same, but you will board a bus instead of boarding a plane.

American Airlines will also not offer these bus transfers to customers by surprise. If your flight includes a bus transfer, this will be clearly stated when booking your trip. Once you factor in boarding time, unavoidable delays, takeoff, landing, and disembarkation, bus transfers to these regional airports can actually be faster than taking a plane.

In the end, if you get to your destination and save time, is it really that bad?

Melvin Z. Madore