Bytemark offers open-loop payments in California

Bytemark has received a Master Service Agreement from the California Department of General Services (DGS) for the California Integrated Travel Project (or Cal-ITP) to provide transit processor services.

These services, along with EMV-enabled validators, serve as the backbone of contactless EMV fare payment systems, also known as open loop. This allows riders to pay for transit using the same credit or debit card they use to buy groceries or a cup of coffee.

“The vision and creativity demonstrated by the DGS team and their consultants is at the heart of the technological disruption of seed market growth – seeing this move from a vision to creating a market at scale state that other states can actively leverage creates innovation while reducing costs for all,” said Eric Reese, CEO of Bytemark. “Having Bytemark recognized as a partner in this venture not only indicates that our investments and our strategy are solid, but that our path to continue to innovate reflects the desires of the markets.”

Cal-ITP was created to make rail and bus simpler and more profitable for both suppliers and passengers. By streamlining the process for transit agencies to acquire EMV-enabled fare payment systems, Cal-ITP is fostering a modern and consistent transportation experience throughout California. To promote access and equity, Cal-ITP is developing a centralized rebate eligibility system. This system eliminates the need for the passenger to prove their eligibility at each agency, greatly simplifying the provision of discounts for seniors, veterans, students and others.

This master service agreement can be leveraged by more than 300 California transit agencies to simplify the provisioning and deployment of open payment systems. Transit agencies from other states have expressed interest in the program, including members of the Oregon Cooperative Procurement Program (ORCPP) and the Washington State Purchasing Cooperative (WSPC). ).

Melvin Z. Madore