Calgary Issues Request for Quotation for Green Line Phase 1 Project

A Request for Qualifications (RFQ) has been issued for Phase 1 of the Green Line (LRT) project, which is the largest infrastructure project in the city’s history and will stretch from Shepard to Eau Claire.

“Following extensive consultation with the market and alignment of all funding partners, the Green Line Board of Directors has approved a collaborative procurement strategy to build Phase 1 of the Green Line LRT project” , said Don Fairbairn, Chairman of the Board of Green Line. “The RFP is an important step towards completing this important city-shaping project.”

The Green Line Board of Directors will elect a development partner in early 2023 for Phase 1 of the project after the Request for Proposals (RFP) stage, from among shortlisted applicants from the RFQ. The city explains that the development partner will work collaboratively with the Green Line team on design progression providing flexibility to innovate, optimize and manage cost, risk and schedule issues. The development phase is expected to last approximately 12 months and the city expects to move into the implementation phase by Q2 2024.

The city explains that the procurement strategy is expected to allow for the earlier issuance of additional long-term procurement items and work packages, which will reduce project and schedule risk and continue to support the creation of local jobs.

The full Green Line LRT will be a 20 km (12.4 mile) project that will be built in two phases. The 18 km (11.18 mile) Phase 1 includes “the most technically complex section of the new LRT line” which will support future expansion north and south. The second phase of the project will build the last two kilometers (1.24 miles) of Eau Clare at 16 Avenue North.

In addition to 18 km (11.18 miles) of track, Phase 1 will connect southeast Calgary to downtown and the existing LRT network and four MAX BRT routes while building:

  • 13 stations, including underground and elevated station buildings
  • Bridge works
  • Park & ​​Ride Facilities
  • A maintenance storage facility for light rail vehicles.

In November 2021, the city awarded CAF a contract for the supply of light rail vehicles for the new line.

Melvin Z. Madore