City Council Committee OK’s Pasadena’s Inclusion in Transit Services Mutual Assistance Pact – Pasadena Now

The City Services Committee unanimously approved the Department of Transportation’s recommendation that Pasadena enter into a statewide mutual assistance agreement for public transportation services known as the California Statewide Transit Mutual. Support Compact (TransMAC).

Under the agreement, member agencies could provide or receive assistance in the form of personnel, services and equipment if needed during an emergency where the demand for transportation resources exceeds those available.

Transit manager Valerie Gibson said the deal was for quick, short-term emergency support scenarios.

The agreement can be activated even without a formal declaration of emergency. It could be triggered if a member agency requires additional transit resources to evacuate people and there is an increased demand for transit resources due to special events.

“Members are not required to provide assistance, it is only granted when a member agency is able to do so,” Gibson said.

According to Gibson, execution of the agreement does not obligate Pasadena to provide transit resources to other member agencies at the time of an emergency.

The agreement simply indicates its willingness to do so and to follow the procedures set out in the agreement.

TransMAC member agencies agree to reimburse the supplier member’s direct costs under the agreement, in accordance with Gibson.

TransMAC was started in 2010 by the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, (Metro) Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA), and the California Emergency Management Agency, among others.

Since its inception, the deal has never been activated, according to Mike Greenwood, director of operations for Access Services and chairman of TransMAC’s board of directors.

“Technically, TransMAC was never officially activated and that’s a good thing because there’s never been an emergency big enough for one transit agency to call on another transit agency. for help.”

As of April 2022, TransMAC had 22 member agencies, including Metro, OCTA, SunLine Transit Authority, Anaheim Transportation Network, City of Montebello, and Foothill Transit.

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Melvin Z. Madore