CTA strategically deploys security guards

Contract security guards are strategically deployed by the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) as part of the agency’s ongoing and aggressive efforts to provide the most comfortable and safest transit experience for customers.

To help respond to potential security issues and the recent increase in people breaking CTA’s code of conduct, security guards will have a more visible presence on the system during key hours of operation.

Since the start of this week, CTA security guards have been assigned to teams to patrol targeted locations during key business hours. This includes crews deployed to travel on both Red Line and Blue Line trains during the day and night. The Red and Blue Lines are CTA’s two busiest train lines, operating 24 hours a day.

Security guards are a visible presence that can deter inappropriate behavior on trains and buses, and at stations, according to CTA officials. Guards will focus on a wide variety of customer engagements, including enforcing CTA rules of conduct, which prohibit activities such as smoking, occupying more than one seat, playing loud music, among others behaviours.

For more than two decades, Safety Officers have been a key part of a larger, holistic strategy to provide a comfortable driving environment for customers. The CTA says it continues to work closely with the Chicago Police Department (CPD), which provides law enforcement for the CTA. Uniformed and plainclothes agents are also deployed in the CTA system, at all hours of the day.

In addition, CTA is working to expand its partnership with social service agencies and the Chicago Department of Family and Support Services, which manages responses to homelessness and conducts outreach activities offering a variety of supports. and services.

The CTA has used unarmed security guards for more than two decades, in addition to the CPD.

Melvin Z. Madore