Firestone approves grant to expand transit services for seniors, other

Firestone has approved a transit service agreement for a $ 90,000 grant that will extend transit services to low-income families, senior residents and people with disabilities.

In a press release, Weld County spokesperson Jennifer Finch wrote: “The first of three sub-grantee agreements for Community Development Class Grant (CDBG) projects was approved by the board on Wednesday. Weld County Commissioners.

“The approval of this sub-recipient agreement between the County and the Town of Firestone is an important step in the CDBG process,” said Weld County Commissioners Council Chairman Steve Moreno. “It identifies the scope of the project, the reimbursement process and the requirements that the city must follow. “

The sub-grantee agreement was required by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development in order for the county to move forward with the Firestone Township Transit Service Expansion Project.

The $ 90,000 grant will increase existing transit services in the Town of Firestone from three to five days per week and from six to seven hours per day.

“The service provides transportation to doctor’s appointments, health clinics and training located in surrounding communities for Firestone residents with disabilities, aged 60 and over, or those with low to moderate income,” Finch said. She also said that around 332 households are served each year, and expanding transit services could help more residents.

City of Firestone Economic Development Manager Paula Mehle said: “One of our disabled residents regularly uses this service to get to work, and this expansion will further help them be more independent. “

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Melvin Z. Madore