High Gas Prices Impact OATS Transit Services

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – OATS Transit provides transportation for thousands of Missourians, including seniors and people with disabilities.

With rising gas prices, the company is looking for ways to continue offering rides while dealing with the gas crisis. Gasoline prices have reached $4 a gallon, making it harder to get from point A to point B. OATS Transportation Services is working to provide customers with the assistance they need. The cost of gas is one of the biggest strains on an organization’s budget, leading to more expensive expenses.

“The price of fuel continues to increase over a longer period. It also impacts everything else, like maintenance costs,” said regional manager Jeff Robinson. “At the moment, our biggest cost outside of employee compensation is the cost of fuel, and then, of course, the next is the cost of maintenance.”

The company has 135 buses and local support keeps the wheels turning. One of the ways OATS is trying to reduce costs is by increasing the number of passengers dropping off at the same location.

“Our customers are used to the way we perform service and have been with us for years,” Robinson said. “A lot of times customers will get involved and they will actually try, within their own communities, to get more people on the bus. Try to spin the wheels before you have to reduce service. »

Regional manager Jeff Robinson says the company has 135 buses and local support is what keeps the wheels turning. There are also economy measures that allow the company to obtain fuel at a lower cost. Local tax advice and federal funds help the organization serve its customers.

“We use local funds and a lot of federal funds,” Robinson said. “We are not a for-profit agency, and we would be remiss if we simply accepted gas prices as they are at the pump. So we are always looking for ways to reduce our fuel costs. We have therefore implemented cost reduction measures.

Robinson asserts that any changes to the service will have minimal impact on the customer. No schedule changes or service reductions have been made in the southwest Missouri area.

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Melvin Z. Madore