IndyGo announces Red Line improvements

Significant improvements are coming to the IndyGo Red Line with the addition of friction rails on station platforms, as well as pavement maintenance on dedicated bus lanes and station bus areas.

Work will begin on or after June 6. These upgrades will provide additional long-term stability and protect the investment made in the system infrastructure.

Completion of this work will require short-term road closures and detours around construction areas. Construction at individual stations should take no longer than four weeks at a time. During these scheduled station closures, IndyGo will endeavor to provide temporary bus stops in locations where it is operationally safe to do so. More details on temporary bus stop locations will be provided to the public prior to each scheduled station closure.

“Indianapolis is no stranger to pavement maintenance challenges. The weight of 60-foot electric buses repeatedly running the same routes seven days a week means even greater pressure on dedicated bus lanes” “This wear and tear creates the need for periodic maintenance and repairs,” said Jennifer Pyrz, IndyGo’s vice president of infrastructure, strategy and innovation.

While patching potholes is a regular part of maintenance for all public works agencies, IndyGo will take this opportunity to make larger repairs and apply treatments that are part of the Purple Line’s design. IndyGo will perform deep repairs in areas where the bus lanes show signs of pavement damage and will not only repair cracks in the bus decks, but add reinforcement at the same time to reinforce and extend the life. pavement life.

IndyGo will also install friction rails on all station platforms, including the upcoming purple and blue lines, as they are built. This material is designed so that bus tires can rub against it as they approach the station, providing the operator with a guide to pull as close to the platform as possible without damaging the side of the bus or the platform. It will also give operators a better tool to achieve ADA compliant boarding.

Construction is expected to last until summer 2023.

Melvin Z. Madore