Ithaca, St. Louis and Pine River Twp. Now Full Transit Services – The Morning Sun

It has been nearly 11 months since voters in Ithaca, St. Louis and Pine River Township approved the formation of an authority that will provide residents with full access to Alma Transit bus services.

The $ 0.96 million levy over five years was passed by a combined total margin of 2,613 to 1,648 votes in the November general election.

The full mileage drive, which will raise $ 117,000 per year in Pine River Township, $ 72,000 in Ithaca and $ 52,000 in St. Louis, begins Friday.

However, officials at the Alma transit center have not waited until now to start providing some services to these communities.

Buses were already operating in St. Louis and a small part of Pine River Township under contracts these communities had with ATC, and service was gradually expanded to include Ithaca throughout the summer in anticipation. at the start of the mileage, according to Alma’s manager. Transport Brett Baublitz.

Full service for some actually started last month by scheduling trips to school for children from the three municipalities.

“We didn’t want to wait until October 1 to have a full service as that would have caused difficulties for parents needing transportation for their children for more than a month,” said Baublitz.

ACT provides curb-to-curb service, picking up people from their homes and dropping them off at their destinations.

There are no pre-determined bus stops or routes.

This means that anyone in Alma, Ithaca, St. Louis and Pine River Township can schedule a trip to work, a doctor’s appointment, shopping or other places anywhere in the area. on duty.

Additionally, ACT, in partnership with I-Ride of Isabella County, offers trips three times a day to and from Mt. Pleasant.

Alma Transit also has a new price list which is the same for users of the four communities it serves.
Children 5 and under are free with a parent or guardian, youth 5-17 and adults 18-64 pay $ 2, it costs $ 1 for those aged 65-74, while that those aged 75 and over with a Gold Card membership travel for free.

Buses run from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday to Friday.

“It’s as easy as picking up the phone and calling us,” said Baublitz. “One of our transportation coordinators will be happy to help you. People who do not have a means of transport will regain their autonomy and freedom by using our services. We really want to bring our communities together.

The extended service also means that ACT is hiring additional employees. Part-time positions for drivers and dispatchers are still available. For more details or a request, visit the City of Alma website at

To plan a trip, call ACT at 989-463-6016.

Melvin Z. Madore