Jim Rosensweet: My Predictions for Havasu Bus Service | Opinion

Editor: A few observations. According to city figures in a recent edition of the newspaper: It appears that our local bus service is starting up very slowly.

I predict it will be scrapped within a few years.

The city should have come up with a program to subsidize our local pay-per-view services instead. It would have provided door-to-door service if not for the high cost of setting up and running the city’s bus service.

To those who blame President Biden for the outrageous cost of gas. How about blaming American oil companies for making money and paying virtually no taxes.

And I bet some of you who complain bitterly about high prices at the pump will still be taking your 6-mile-per-gallon motorhome on a road trip this summer.

Say electric cars and trucks all you want, but they are the future. For some, the future is difficult to accept.

And finally, are we going to sit still as Arizona continues to sit at the bottom of the pile when it comes to educating our children? We need to do the following. Pay teachers more.

Extend the school year by at least 30 days. Get rid of a week’s spring and autumn vacation. Get rid of the day and a half off each month for parent conferences and teacher meetings. Do them at night.

Children are in class less than nine months a year. It’s not enough, which should be evident from Arizona’s low test scores and the number of kids going on to college. Make Community College free. Encourage and fund post-secondary vocational education. College is not for everyone.

And finally, after surviving a cool and windy winter, enjoy our beautiful spring weather. Summer is coming !

Jim Rosensweet

Lake Havasu City

Melvin Z. Madore