Let’s walk, cycle and use public transport more often

With gas prices rising and falling, brave Ukrainians standing up for their democracy, and climate change threatening droughts, fires and storms, I wonder what I can do to help.

One way to help lower the cost of gas is to use less of it by walking, biking, using public transit (have you tried the new #201 electric bus on Rehoboth Avenue?) and driving a fuel-efficient or electric car.

Every gallon of gas we don’t use means less money in the pockets of dictators and petro-bullies like Russia, Saudi Arabia and Venezuela.

Less fossil fuels consumed means less conventional pollution, like smog and soot, as well as less greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide. Both types of pollution cause health damage, especially for our elderly, our children and poor neighborhoods.

A better way to phase out our dependence on fossil fuels is to impose a charge on dirty energy sources and return those charges to all Americans through a program called a carbon charge and dividend or rebate. carbon money. This idea will inspire everyone, rich and poor, businesses and homes, to switch to clean energy, like solar and wind, to power our lives. We must reach out to our national leaders and others to support this policy.

And if we want to help Russian war victims, we can donate to the International Rescue Committee at irc.org or the Ukrainian version called Razom, which means together, to razomforukraine.org.

Slava Ukraini – Glory to Ukraine!

Charlie Garlow
Rehoboth Beach

Melvin Z. Madore