Letter: The Loop Trolley debacle could cripple our future public transit | Letters to the Editor

Regarding David Nicklaus’ column “Reviving trolley would be throwing money at evil” (January 6): The big problem with the Loop Trolley is that it didn’t deliver what it promised. Originally, we were promised a street rail line that was supposed to take people from Delmar or Forest Park MetroLink stations to the Delmar Loop. The service was supposed to be frequent enough that people didn’t have to wait long for a cart.

But what we received was a somewhat poorly constructed and glorified amusement park ride. Since its completion, it has rarely operated and provided virtually no service to the community.

Worse still, it seriously jeopardized St. Louis’ chances of getting more money for other transit projects. This is especially true if these projects involve rail. Even though MetroLink has absolutely nothing to do with the Loop Trolley, I’ve heard several transit critics use it as an excuse for not funding any type of rail transportation.

Finally, if all Delmar Loop developer Joe Edwards wanted was an amusement park ride, why did he use federal transit funds to build it? A tram line that only operates at limited times and only four days a week can hardly be considered public transport. Public transit should be there on a schedule and not on a whim.

Bill Heger • Rocky hill

Melvin Z. Madore