Maple Grove Expands My Ride Bus Service

4:19 p.m. | Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Maple Grove has expanded My Ride bus destinations to include Brooklyn Park, Brooklyn Center, Osseo and Cross Services at Rogers.

As long as Maple Grove is included in one of the trips, people can plan a tour.

One of the reasons for the expansion is to meet the need of local employers to find workers.

“COVID has arrived and impacted a lot of things, including public transit. We really lost a lot of riders and express bus service to and from downtown Minneapolis. Local My Ride service has also been hit hard,” said Mike Opatz, transit administrator for the City of Maple Grove. “But My Ride has really come back strong.”

Opatz says the service has returned to pre-COVID levels. Another reason for the expansion is to meet the need of local employers to find workers.

“What we are seeing is that all of our local employers have a strong competing demand for this labor supply. We want to do what we can to help our local employers with workforce travel and one way to do that is to expand our service area,” Opatz said.

Trips do not have to be work trips, but a leg of the trip must include Maple Grove.

Opatz estimates there could be a 15-20% increase in ridership. The city purchased another vehicle to prepare for this and at present they are fully staffed with drivers.

“We were already serving parts of Brooklyn Park and Brooklyn Center,” Opatz said. “It’s going to have a bigger impact on people and their convenience, and not having to go to the Starlite Transit Center in Brooklyn Park or the Brooklyn Center Transit Station. We can just come straight to their home in any of these towns and bring them to the stores, businesses, workplaces or community center here in Maple Grove.

Reservations are also available through the My Ride call center at 763-493-2200, Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Visit for details.

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Melvin Z. Madore