Most Preferred Private Transport While Unlocking | Hyderabad News

Hyderabad: The city has seen an increasing trend of driving and walking over public transport services during the lockdown, illustrating a preference for solo mode of travel, according to a report by researchers at IIT Bombay. Researchers analyzed mobility reports from Google and Apply to study how people moved around during lockdown and unlocking.
The study found that overall trips by car, foot and public transport decreased during the first lockdown, with values ​​below -80% of pre-Covid levels. Phased relaxations led to a gradual recovery to normality. The research paper authored by Athul Padmakumar, Gopal R. Patil of IIT Bombay has been published in the Journal of Cities.
The fear of being infected associated with the lockdown has changed travel behavior. The researchers analyzed mobility datasets in Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Pune between March and September 2020.
“The recovery has shown an increased preference for individual modes of travel over public transport. Higher GDP per capita and registered motor vehicles are propelling a faster renaissance of driving compared to public transport and walking,” Padmakumar told TOI. He added: “Cities with lower GDP per capita and lower registered vehicles resort to cheaper modes like public transport or walking.”
He added: “Redesigning travel by prioritizing public transport and active modes of travel by car over observed travel trends deserves attention. Contactless technologies, disinfections and crowd management can serve as a short-term solution. »

Melvin Z. Madore