New Orleans RTA launches BRT study survey

An online survey was launched by the New Orleans Regional Transit Authority (RTA) for its Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) feasibility study.

The survey will allow the public to provide feedback on route options for the region’s first BRT system connecting New Orleans East and Westbank residents to downtown. The investigation is a critical step in the decision-making process, advancing the design and additional federal funding for the BRT project.

BRT is a fast and frequent service that creates a distinct mobility solution with many of the same benefits as light rail service, but at lower cost and faster construction time. It will provide access to the 30,000 to 35,000 people who live within half a mile of the 15 to 20 BRT stations connecting them to more than 45,000 jobs.

BRT vehicles will operate at least every 15 minutes during the day, seven days a week and will connect between 25-38% of vehicleless households along the BRT route to jobs, healthcare, schools and other essential services. Once the route has been selected and the study completed, the RTA will be able to apply for federal funding to build the BRT project.

The BRT Study survey is available on the agency’s website and social media platforms. The survey will be available online until May 6.

RTA invites the public to learn more about Bus Rapid Transit at its public open house on April 28. The open day will allow participants to obtain updated information on the BRT project, give their opinion and complete the survey.

Melvin Z. Madore