No price increase for Golden Arrow Bus Service commuters

Golden Arrow Bus Service commuters may take a break for the time being as the transportation service has decided not to expand its current fairs. This is despite the upcoming diesel fuel price hike. The decision comes as an effort by Golden Arrow to give their passengers a little break from the continued price hikes.

Golden Arrow Bus service decides not to increase prices for the good of consumers

Unlike many other companies in South Africa, Golden Arrow buses have decided not to subject their passengers to a fare increase despite the fact that there is an impending diesel price increase.

Derick Meyer, chief executive of Golden Arrow, said the company would withhold a rate increase despite diesel being one of the company’s biggest expenses.

According to Meyer, any fare increase will be discussed with the Western Cape Department of Transport.

He also said it will be communicated well in advance to ensure commuters are properly prepared.

“Diesel is the company’s single largest expense other than wages and price increases are putting a lot of pressure on our operating margins. Golden Arrow will, however, continue to absorb these increases for as long as possible,” he said while adding:

“But I would like to once again assure our passengers that we are committed to making travel on our buses as profitable as possible. Tariff increases will never be implemented unless they are totally unavoidable.

Consumers share their impressions

The news was greeted with a sigh of relief by many commuters who seem to appreciate the effort.

A happy commuter Vivian Singh wrote:

“Thank you. Please bring more bus so people can use it instead of taxi.

While another Zuenga Bieng wrote, “Be honest with us, just tell us the price will go up next month”

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Melvin Z. Madore