Ottawa transit services ready to operate for Canada Day events: City

This will be the first Canada Day to host in-person events with the LRT in operation.

The Canada Day festivities at Lebreton Flats will bring further changes to OC Transpo, but they should not raise concerns.

That’s what Pat Scrimgeour, director of transit customer systems and planning, told the city’s transit commission on Wednesday, May 18.

This is the first Canada Day offering in-person events with the LRT in operation, Scrimgeour said, since the system launched in fall 2019.

“So it’s new for us in a number of ways and we also have a number of new employees who have never worked there before – so it’s new, it’s different, but we don’t see any major obstacles” , mentioned Scrimgeour.

The main pressure point for Canada Day is right after the fireworks, as large numbers of people try to access public transit at the same time, he added.

Scrimgeour said the transit company is confident the capacity of the trains and buses will be able to accommodate those arriving or departing from Canada Day events.

The director is also encouraging Ottawa residents to use public transit to access Canada Day festivities, reminding passengers that fares will be free on that day.

The transit agency is also confident it has the train and bus capacity needed to accommodate the crowds expected on July 1.

Melvin Z. Madore