Passengers return to public transportation in Seattle

As passengers return to Mass Transit in Seattle, many are still concerned about safety. Violence was reported in the media. King County Metro announced it was hiring an additional 50 transit security officers for 24/7 coverage and assistance. The number of boardings in January of this year was 4.2 million. It was 3.2 million in January 2021.

Metro said there were 35 physical altercations by passengers in January. That number is down from 40 in January 2021. Transit officials also said the number of problems is low compared to the number of passengers boarding each day.

As things return to normal in Seattle, more and more people are taking the King County subway buses and the Link light rail. Recent incidents like the attack near the Pioneer Square light rail station have worried some commuters. Many people have said that public transport is safe, but some say they won’t use light rail or the bus as much anymore.

Sound Transit has a number to send if you feel unsafe. Security will come, but how long is the question. A transit security officer may be twenty minutes away. Transit riders using the Link light rail should pay attention to signage on carriages and in stations. They advise passengers to take note of the emergency number and where to find your car number, which is on the front and back of the car.

In response to transit safety concerns, Sound Transit released this statement last Thursday: “The safety of our passengers is our top priority, and we have multiple levels of safety in place for our passengers.”

King County Sheriff’s Deputies also respond to transit issues for assistance when needed. There are also additional private security guards. Sound Transit staff said passengers should call or text security if they see any issues.

There were around 1.5 million clicks from passengers boarding rides last month. There were also around 70 customer complaints about train conditions and safety issues. According to Sound Transit, there have been 27 physical assaults on passengers on Link light rail trains so far this year. There were 84 in total in 2021.

On social media @RidingRapidDLine posted:

“Fights, threats, open drug use. It seems to have been better for a few weeks. But the bus is worse than the light rail.

Mass Transit responded by saying: “Since last summer, in response to growing concerns on board coaches, Metro has increased the deployment of its security personnel, focusing specifically on routes with higher incident reports. . The safety of our riders is our top priority.

Melvin Z. Madore