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Using public transport to get to school, work or any other social gathering every day is very risky. You will strongly assume that there is nothing to worry about, especially if you are doing it most of the time. There is always a risk when taking public transport.

The same goes for driving a vehicle, unlike private collisions, public transport accidents are more complicated since many people were involved in the accident. Everyone, especially the victims, should know their legal rights if they are ever involved in the accident.

If you find yourself injured in collisions on public transport, chances are you will be compensated. But you have to lay out the facts about what happened, and you have to prove it in court, and in order to do that you need a lawyer to represent you.

If you need the help of a legal professional, you can visit or other law firms specializing in public transport accidents.

Here’s a quick guide to help you figure out the things you need to know after a transit accident:

What are the possible causes of public transport accidents?

Public transport accidents are caused by negligence, whether committed by the bus driver, operator or owner. There are several reasons why such an accident occurs, such as:

  • Driver neglect possibly due to fatigue, alcohol consumption, distractions or disregarding the road, especially road signs and traffic lights
  • Defective engine and vehicle parts
  • Lack of proper maintenance
  • Driver lacks additional training and supervision
  • Poorly maintained roads or railways
  • Lack of public safety measures and security protocols
  • Poor distribution of lines

There are other factors involved in a transit accident, such as defective airbags, driving at high speeds, or the absence or failure of seat belts. If not properly supervised, these factors can turn a simple accident into a major disaster, resulting in serious and life-shattering injuries for some passengers.

Who is responsible for the accident?

An investigation by public authorities is required to determine which party is responsible for the entire accident. There are cases where a third party driver may be liable to prosecution. For example, a private vehicle suddenly turns into a high-speed bus illegally. However, if the bus has a faulty brake system and failed to replace it, both parties can be responsible.

Since there are many factors and circumstances contributing to a transit accident, it would be best to seek legal assistance from an experienced transit lawyer as soon as possible to prove who is at fault.

What is a standard rule of care?

The standard of care rule is a set of basic requirements that must be applied by transit operators to ensure the safety of passengers. Here are the rules, including, but not limited to:

  • Make sure all public vehicles are driven by highly trained professional drivers
  • Ensure the vehicle is well maintained for the safety of passengers
  • Make sure all security features are accessible and fully functional at all times
  • Make sure all entrances and exits are clutter-free and easily accessible at all times
  • Make sure the security features are included

What complaints can you expect?

These are the possibilities personal injury complaints that you can expect depending on your case:

This claim includes reimbursement for the immediate care you paid for and any future long-term medical care. Immediate care is the treatment you need after an accident, but long-term medical care includes ongoing medication, physical therapy, and all the checkups and lab tests that follow.

If your injuries require an extension of medical care, you can claim this compensation, you must ask your lawyer if you are eligible for this claim.

It is for victims who cannot return to work due to serious injuries, such as blindness or amputation of a leg. You can ask your lawyer to claim your possible loss of salary and retirement pension. You can still receive other medical expense claims if you are eligible and your case requires.

  • Pain and suffering

If you are suffering from psychological trauma, which results in loss of quality of life, you can ask your lawyer to file this claim.

Final words

Most public transport is regulated by an institution, such as the Ministry of Transport. This is one of the reasons people are intimidated when they file their applications. This is the reason why you need the help of professional lawyers to help you get fair compensation for your injuries, loss and suffering. This is strongly encouraged, especially if you have suffered an injury and paid for expensive medical treatment. Know your rights and seek professional help to assert your rights accordingly.

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