Representatives investigate disappearance of 10,000 transit buses at FCT

THE House of Representatives, during Tuesday’s plenary session, mandated its Federal Capital Territory Committee to “investigate the alleged disappearance of 10,000 transit buses provided by the federal government for transportation services in the FCT metropolis and recover them”.

The committee will report back to the House within three weeks for new legislation.

A member of the House, Ikenna Elezieanya, from the federal constituency of Owerri, had proposed a motion titled “Need to investigate the alleged disappearance of public transport buses provided by the federal government for transport services in the territory of the federal capital”, which the legislators adopted unanimously. .

Elezieanya noted that the provision of long buses in Abuja, in addition to creating jobs and generating income, was aimed at alleviating the suffering of the citizens, as the scheme was designed to alleviate the difficulties in moving civil servants and officials to and from from their offices to ensure the effective exercise of their functions.

The legislator said, “Between 2003 and 2007, 5,000 buses were provided by the government to aid and supplement the efforts of government employees to access their various offices in the Federal Capital Territory.

“Between 2010 and 2014, the Federal Government, in an effort to effectively improve the delivery of public services in line with global best practices, provided 5,000 additional buses for transporting public servants.

“The Chamber is concerned that all the buses, numbering 10,000, provided by the government, are gradually disappearing from the roads and are not effectively managed by the administration of the FCT, and as such do not reach not its main objective, which is to alleviate the challenges of transporting the masses, especially in these difficult times.

“The Chamber is also concerned that citizens who are denied these services face the daily risk of riding in commercial vehicles operated by kidnappers, armed robbers and bandits.”

Elezieanya stressed the need to recover the buses and make them operational to serve the basic purposes provided to them.

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