Restoring priority bus service : Laljit Singh Bhullar : The Tribune India


Tarn Taran, April 2

Patti MLA Laljit Singh Bhullar, 41, of AAP, rose through the ranks at the back of her grassroots connection. Cabinet Transport Minister Bhagwant Mann beat four-time SAD MP Adesh Partap Singh Kairon and former Congress MP Harminder Singh Gill in recent Assembly elections.

Will upgrade Government schools

Public schools would have better facilities, including playgrounds with sports equipment. Laljit Singh Bhullar, MP for Patti

Bhullar was a teenager when he started participating in SAD activities as a worker at Kairon. He then worked for Congressional Gill. During his time in SAD and Congress, Bhullar understood the tactics adopted by the parties, he says.

The border area it represents is considered backward, devoid of basic infrastructure. Providing bus service to villages at the end of the street and restoring road bus schedules would be among its top priorities. Any delay in official work or corruption at any level would not be tolerated, he said.

With education and health facilities in shambles, Bhullar says public schools would be given better facilities, including playgrounds with sports equipment. The best health care facilities would be provided to the patients of Patti Civil Hospital. Parks would be provided for the residents of Patti, in addition to those of certain villages in the region.

Severe measures would be taken to punish drug traffickers. In addition, water supply to the canal in border areas remains a priority, he said.

Melvin Z. Madore