Richmond/Lenox EMS and SMART offer same-day shuttle service – Macomb Daily

When students begin returning to school in large yellow school buses on September 6, adults in 11 local communities will also be able to begin enjoying same-day service in Richmond/Lenox EMS shuttles.

Richmond/Lenox EMS, in partnership with SMART Bus, will offer same-day service Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. They can be obtained by contacting 586-749-7713 or 844-666-5652 . Services will be available on a first come, first serve basis. Pick-up and return trips can be scheduled within 30 minutes of a call. Same-day services are accessible to Americans with disabilities, and vehicles carry no further south than Metro Parkway.

“We’re going from Bordman Road in northern Macomb County to Metro Parkway,” said Jeff White, chief of Richmond/Lenox EMS.

The following municipalities are eligible for the service:

• Township of Macomb

• City of Richmond

• Township of Richmond

• Township of Lenox

• New shelter

• Armada village

• Township of Armada

• Memphis

• Township of Chesterfield

• New Baltimore

• Township of Ray

White said funding for Richmond/Lenox EMS services comes from municipal and community appropriations Richmond/Lenox EMS receives from SMART, and these include a portion of the current $1 million tax assessment. He also said that, as with similar services, there is no bus fare for ridership.

“Like all of our other services, there is no cost to the client,” White said.

White said shuttle services have returned to near pre-pandemic levels of 26,000 passengers a year.

“We don’t feel like the drivers who use our vehicles do so for fuel costs, although that’s a great reason to do so. Many of our passengers are elderly people and people with disabilities, people who need service in this way. More people are going out now that COVID is in a more controllable phase, and so with people more comfortable going out, this drives our current surge in numbers,” White said, adding that the airport shuttle service is also gaining in popularity.

The same day service was developed based on customer requests.

“We’ve had calls from time to time from riders needing same-day service,” White said. “Maybe their vehicle broke down and they had to go to a doctor’s appointment. They kind of woke up and had to go to a doctor that day, instead of planning two or three days from now. Other needs arise. So, in general, we weren’t able to respond to these kinds of requests. »

Community transit buses added by White were typically filled three days in advance on average, so same-day requests were not possible. White also said funding and vehicles were in place for same-day service, and now a recent surge in job interest has led to some part-time drivers being hired, making it possible to offer same day service.

A Macomb County public transportation mile is expected to appear on Macomb County’s Nov. 8 ballot, which would represent a reduction in mileage rates from previous years. If approved, the proposal would assess 0.95 mills on taxable property for 2022-2026. It would provide ongoing support to SMART and its public transportation services for the public, seniors and people with disabilities in Macomb County. It would also raise around $31.18 million in its first year. If the mileage passes, the owner of a $200,000 home would pay around $95 in the first year.

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