Rochester residents rate how RPT bus service is doing | News

ROCHESTER, Minnesota – The City of Rochester is looking at ways to improve its transit services.

Staff members are developing an updated five-year transit plan and have been gathering feedback on the state of the city’s current bus system. Data gathered from hundreds of survey responses, conversations with community members, and other engagement efforts suggests that the fixed route bus service generally does a good job of providing transportation. convenient and easy to use for a high percentage of residents.

Fixed-route riders expressed the most interest in seeing higher frequency bus service. Users of the ZIPS paratransit service, meanwhile, hope to see improvements in on-time pickup, longer hours of operation and travel times to their destinations.

The city is working to develop recommendations for improving the system based on this feedback. However, with most of the responses coming from existing RPT riders, Rochester City Councilman Nick Campion said he would like the updated transit plan to incorporate the views of other Med City residents. .

“I’m disappointed that we’ve only heard from 30% of people who haven’t used the [RPT bus service] platform, because I already think we don’t have enough people on the platform. So that should be extremely concerning for us, in my mind,” Campion said during a study session on Monday.

Once system improvements are drafted by city staff, community members will have an opportunity to provide feedback before they are considered by the Rochester City Council.

Melvin Z. Madore