Soon a free bus service for female students in Haryana : The Tribune India

Tribune press service

Geetanjali Gayatri

Chandigarh, January 16

The government of Haryana is at an advanced stage of finalizing a free transport scheme for female students to encourage their enrollment in higher learning institutes.

39,000 registrations

  • 39,000 girls of various colleges and other institutes have opted for the installation
  • 479 courses have been identified based on feedback from colleges
  • The Ministry of Transport has reserved 571 buses, each will carry 60 girls

The need for the facility arose as girls could not pursue higher education and some could not opt ​​for courses of their choice as their parents were reluctant to send them to remote colleges, said a manager. “The institution will provide parents with the safety of their daughters and enable girls to choose the colleges and courses that interest them,” Principal Secretary (Higher Education) Anand Mohan said. Charan. Sources said that 39,000 girls from various colleges and other institutes have expressed interest in the institution. The Department of Higher Education is said to have identified 479 routes based on feedback received from colleges. As a result, the Department of Transportation had reserved 571 buses for this purpose and services would begin once the Department of Higher Education gave the green signal, sources said. Each bus will carry 60 students. The facility will also be extended to those taking nursing and medical courses.

An installation on the same lines will be launched for schools, but the Department of Transport has not yet obtained the exact number of pupils to finalize the number of buses and routes. “As the schools are closed, we do not know how many pupils will opt for the installation. In addition, girls who have received free bicycles from the government will be excluded from the program,” said a transport department officer. Sources said providing buses for schoolgirls could prove to be a headache given the depletion of the vehicle fleet. The officer, however, said private buses could be hired. “In addition, we have 11,000 maxi taxis registered with the Direction des Transports. We can partner with them to provide the service at fixed rates,” the officer said.

Several rounds of meetings have already been held for the Schools Department under the chairmanship of Additional Chief Secretary (School Education) Mahavir Singh. The government already provides free bus service to universities in Panchkula, Kaithal, Yamunanagar, Ambala and Kurukshetra districts.

Melvin Z. Madore