Trusted person assistance card available for Ride CK transit services

The Municipality of Chatham-Kent is launching a Support Person Assistance Card for Ride CK Transit Services.

This photo ID card allows a rider who, due to a disability, requires assistance while traveling on any Ride CK service, to bring a support person with them at no charge extra, according to city officials.

A process for free support people was previously only available to Chatham and Wallaceburg Paratransit Services.

“In 2021, we received more applications for Chatham Accessible than ever before,” Ann-Marie Millson, transit and capital management manager, said in a press release.

“Demand for specialized transit is increasing as our population ages, so it can be difficult to book a ride on this service when you want. We hope that this new support person assistance card will allow some of these users to return effectively to conventional service and will encourage new users with disabilities to discover public transit.

Conventional transit services already serve many disabled riders daily, according to city officials.

The vehicles are low-floor and equipped with ramps, audible and visual stop announcements and priority seats.

For more information on transit accommodation, visit

Approved Specialized Transit riders in Chatham or Wallaceburg who have a Mandatory Support Person attached to their profile are not required to apply for the new Support Person Assistance Card unless they have the plans to also use conventional transit with a support person, city officials added.

Applications can be picked up at a civic center or uploaded online at

Melvin Z. Madore