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MULTAN- Exemption from traffic rules for private vans from Multan to Jhang is becoming deadly for the masses due to serious violations which are usually not controlled by relevant departments. Traveling by private van from Multan to Jhang, Kabeerwala, Khanewal and Shorkot was like jumping into a river without knowing how to swim.

These passenger vans made it possible to accommodate a large number of passengers inside the van and many on the roof in addition to loading heavy equipment on it. An untrained driver and staff as well as poor condition of the vehicles would turn into an accident. It is pertinent to mention here that Kabeerwala was about 40 kilometers from Multan passing through two districts including Multan and Khanewal.

It is also worth mentioning that these passenger vehicles started their journey from Vehari Chowk Multan even with extra passengers, overloaded and speeding, but the relevant departments played the role of silent spectators waiting for any untoward incident.

The main task of four departments including the District Regional Transport Authority (RTA), City Traffic Police, Punjab Police and Punjab Highways Patrol (PHP) was not only to regulate traffic but also to monitor these vehicles which put the lives of the masses in danger. The news agency observed that most violations can be noticed on a route of more than 20 kilometers from Multan to Kabeerwala, there was no proper system to catch violators. is also a major problem for users.

One passenger, Zain Aslam, told this news agency that he used to travel regularly on this type of transport due to the unavailability of any reasonable or government-supervised transport system on the road. He said traveling in these unfit vans posed a risk to life. He asked the provincial and departmental administration to ensure appropriate control and balance on these transports in order to avoid any incident. However, spokespersons from all relevant departments have been contacted on the matter, but said it was outside their purview.

Counterfeit pesticides worth Rs 2.9 million seized

The agriculture department seized counterfeit pesticides worth 2.9 million rupees and also filed charges against four outlaws here on Sunday.

According to official sources, Deputy Director of Pest Warning Shahid Hussain and other officials, working on tip-off, successfully raided a factory located in Shah Ali Wala, Mouza Kotla Abul Fateh and recovered counterfeit pesticides and other materials .

Malik Rasheed Ahmed, son of Malik Mohammad Ramzan, managing director of unregistered pesticide company Haq Agro Chemicals, and three other defendants were arrested under the Pesticides Ordinance at Muzaffarabad Police Station. They were found involved in false labeling.

The labels seized contained false information about the importer, manufacturer, formulator, distributor, date of manufacture, expiry date, batch number, registration number and packer.

The defendants were causing irreparable damage to the national economy by illegally packaging and formalizing counterfeit pesticides and supplying them to different parts of the country.

Samples of agrochemicals were obtained on site and sent to the laboratory for analysis. The Punjab agriculture department is carrying out operations against those involved in the trade of counterfeit pesticides, agriculture department sources said.

Melvin Z. Madore