UTA changeover day: start of ski bus service, extension of TRAX hours

UTAH (ABC4) – Transit riders should prepare for new changes to UTA service routes and times starting this weekend.

As the winter season approaches, the Utah Transit Authority (UTA) will add ski bus service starting December 11. Seven routes provide access to Weber, Salt Lake and Utah counties.

Routes to Snowbasin and Powder Mountain begin December 11, routes to the four Big and Little Cottonwood Canyon resorts begin December 12, and the route to Sundance Ski Resort begins December 18.

UTA makes service adjustments three times a year to adapt to new user models and new destinations. The ski bus service will start in December and end in April. Sunday hours of service for TRAX will be extended from this Sunday.

“This is especially useful for our travelers from the airport, where the last train from the airport station runs from 8:08 pm to 11:37 pm on Sundays,” UTA explains.

TRAX hours of operation on Sundays will be extended by approximately two to three hours to accommodate increased traffic. You can consult the full program of the different routes here.

A new service will debut on December 13 – UTA On Demand – SLC Westside. UTA on Demand is an app-based service that combines multiple passengers heading in the same direction in a single trip. The new line will serve the western neighborhoods of Salt Lake City, including Rose Park, Poplar Grove, Fairpark and Glendale.

To see the complete change in the range of services and public transport, click here. For more information on the ski bus service, click here.

Melvin Z. Madore