We need more transit systems on urban roads: experts | Kolkata News

Kolkata: The number of cars has increased during the pandemic in most of our cities, said Cherif Qamar, animator, sustainable mobility center, TERI. “The fear of getting an infection outweighs the cost-benefit logic in buying a car. In a crowded city like Kolkata, we need more and more public transport systems like buses, which make it easier to disperse the large number of commuters at once. More cars means more congestion and pollution,” he added.
Over the past two decades, there have been virtually no additions to the length of the city’s roads. “We have built raised corridors that eat away at the pavement again. The elevated corridors primarily serve the vehicle fleet. Thus, by constructing elevated flyovers and corridors, we facilitate faster movement of cars at the expense of public transport below on congested road space. So we are actually encouraging cars and discouraging the bus system,” said Ajay Dasformer Chief Traffic and Transportation Officer.
Two-wheeler registration has also seen stronger growth in the city during the pandemic. Each motorcycle may take up a small amount of road space, but collectively they take up a huge amount of road space. “Unless we bring more buses back to city roads for public transportation, our future road scenario looks bleak,” Qamar said.


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Melvin Z. Madore